Integrating F-Secure Client Security 8 with Cisco NAC


 Since  version 8.00 F-Secure supports Cisco NAC version 2. In this guide you can find the deatils to configure posture validation with F-Secure:

Step by step procedure:

1. Get fsnacpva.def file from F-Secure Client Security CD, or download it from

2. Execute CSUtil.exe to add Attributes 

cd %programfiles%\CiscoSecure ACS v4.2\bin

CSUtil.exe -addAVP fsnacpva.def

3. Restart CSAdmin, CSAuth & CSLog

4. Logon to ACS Server, go to Posture Validation -> Internal Posture Validation Setup -> Edit or Add Policy. Then edit or Add rule. Then Add a Condition set:

For example:

F-Secure:AV:Software-Version >=
F-Secure:AV:Protection-Enabled = 1

Submit, Done, Apply and Restart


Cisco NAC and Microsoft NAP Interoperability Guides

I’ve been searching for these guides for a long time, finally here is the link:

I haven’t even read it, but as soon as I figure out how complex this solution is, I’ll start to build a lab and post my results.