Antivirus on Windows Server Core

As some people say AV on Server Core is a strategic choice. But what are the products that support Server Core?

Here is an exhaustive list of the enterprise anti-virus/endpoit protection products


Not specified / Not confirmed:

Not supported:

2013 Update: Antivirus on Windows Server 2012 Core


Step by step installation of FCS 1.0 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core

Installing FCS 1.0 standalone on R2 core is not an easy task.

Here are the steps required to get FCS running and updated.

1. Get FCS media.

2. Copy Directory CLIENT\X64

3. Get the latest hotfix for FCS. Current hotfix: Update for Microsoft Forefront Client Security (KB979536)

4. Slipstream the hotfix with RTM package. That is:

4.1. Run 

all-fcsam-kb979536-x64-enu_718720c77c7fc208f618974b9916d991141ad737.exe /extract

4.2. Copy the extracted file mp_ambits.msi to CLIENT\X64

5. Install FCS in standalone mode:

5.1. ClientSetup.exe /NOMOM

5.2. Wait for completion

6. Enable Automatic Updates with sconfig.

7. Opt-in to Microsoft Update… that’s the tricky part..

7.1. Create opt-in.vbs.

Set ServiceManager = CreateObject(“Microsoft.Update.ServiceManager”)
ServiceManager.ClientApplicationID = “My App”

‘add the Microsoft Update Service, GUID
Set NewUpdateService = ServiceManager.AddService2(“7971f918-a847-4430-9279-4a52d1efe18d”,7,””)

5.2. Run cscript.vbs opt-in.vbs

6. Get the first updates with sconfig:
Search for for (A)ll updates or (R)ecommended updates only? a

Searching for all applicable updates…

List of applicable items on the machine:

1> Microsoft Silverlight (KB982926)
2> Definition Update for Microsoft Forefront Client Security – KB977939 (Definit
ion 1.85.837.0)

Select an option:
(A)ll updates, (N)o updates or (S)elect a single update?

7. Reboot.

8. Wait for the next definitions update.


Opt-in to Microsoft Update via script:

Slipstream FCS: