“Failed to set basic mailbox information, will retry in 60 seconds” in move-mailbox cross-org

When running Move-Mailbox in a cross-org scenario you get “Failed to set basic mailbox information, will retry in 60 seconds” 

The cause seems to be that the Mailbox Server and Move-Mailbox cmdlets are using different DCs. So making sure that both use the same DC will fix this error

Using a specific DC (on destination forest), with -DomainConrtoller & -GlobalCatalog switches

get-mailbox -DomainController ‘dcA.src.local’ -Credential $s -database ‘Server1\DatabaseA’ | move-mailbox -TargetDatabase ‘Server2\Database1’ -Identity ‘testMailbox1’ -SourceForestGlobalCatalog ‘dcA.src.local’ -GlobalCatalog ‘dc1.dest.local’ -DomainController ‘dc1.dest.local’ -NTAccountOU ‘OU=UsersOU, DC=dest, DC=local’ -MaxThreads 8 -SourceMailboxCleanupOptions DeleteSourceNTAccount -SourceForestCredential $s -TargetForestCredential $t -ReportFile “C:\Logs\migrationReport.xml”

Excluding specific DCs for Mailbox server role to use with -StaticExcludedDomainController

Set-ExchangeServer -identity Server2.dest.local -StaticExcludedDomainControllers:dc2.dest.local,dc3.dest.local.

Assuming that on destination forest exist 3 dcs: dc1, dc2, and dc3.

Another workarround is leave only one DC up and running, so replication will not be involved.





Preserving ost files in a cross-org migration with Move-Mailbox

One of the most important features in an Exchange cross-org miration  is to preserve OST files. That is done by using “clone mode” on Exchange Migration Wizard  (mailmig.exe /m).

On Exchange 2007,  move-mailbox is the tool used to do Cross-org mgrations. Using -NTAccountOU parameter the “clone” operation is implicit. The -NTAccountOU option is mutually excusive with -AllowMerge option. 

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