How to uninstall Virtual Machine Additions on Windows 2008 Core (Virtual Server to Hyper-V migration)

For you to be able to install new Integration Services for guest machine, first it’s requiered to uninstall Virtual Machine Additions from Virtual Server.

To uninstall the software on a W2008 core installation you have to use msiexec /x PACKAGEID|FILE.MSI

1. Copy VMAdditions.iso from %programfiles%\Microsoft Virtual Server\Virtual Machine Additions\ to the Hyper-V server

2. Mount VMAdditions.iso from Hyper-V manager -> Media -> DVD Drive -> Insert Disk…

3. Move to <dvd-drive-letter>:\windows and execute MSIEXEC /x WirtualMachineAdditions.msi

4. Restart server when prompted

5. Install Integration Services from Action -> Insert Integration Services Setup Disk , then execute <dvd-drive-letter>:\supporty\x86\setup.exe

6. Restart